As Jack was running straight through the forest every tree was a blur. “I can’t even remember what happened!” said Jack as noises shattered through the forest. I think our bus crashed into a tree,” said Eloise.

“Well we should grab anything we can from it, but first put out the fire so everything doesn’t burn” said Jack. Eloise thought he was stupid for saying something so obvious.

“I should probably get some sticks and rocks for a fire it will be a long time until help comes” Jack said loudly. Eloise didn’t hear him she was looking around for answers about the accident.

When Jack got back he started to make a fire, his thoughts drifted into his mind about sometimes how he’d imagine something  that would happen and It did but when he told his friends they didn’t believe him.

Just then Eloise thought about the accident a Jack and Eloise met before let’s just say they were family friends the bus was very silent until the bus driver couldn’t control the bus children screaming one guy was praying and then all of a sudden B00M!

Just then Jack saw a black figure emerge from the darkness “We should get out of here!” Jack said in a scared voice. “Why?” as Eloise was looking behind her she saw two bears with black fuzzy fur.

They both started sprinting as fast as they could. Jack heard a thump “WHAT THE?!” Jack yelled. “Come on!” Jack groaned he risked his life for his friend.

This is A Current Affair, top news today, a male and female supposedly in the forest near Jabberwocky River, paramedics have been sent out. We’ll have more news after the break

Welcome back, we have sightings of the male and female the paramedics will take them back to the hospital for a check-up.

“We need a new IV bag!” Yelled the doctor

“Where… am…I?” Said Jack. Eloise was fast asleep

“Don’t worry sir  you’re okay” Doctor Vlaar said in a calm voice.

Beep beep beep beep

“Eloise… Eloise!”

“What?” groaned Eloise

You may think I’m crazy for saying this but I think a tornado is going to happen before you say anything I once told my friend this and they didn’t believe me.” Jack said

“Wait what are you talking about?”

“Don’t worry we have to get out of here before it does happen and if you don’t believe me I’ll be far away when you come.”

A few minutes later Eloise finally got out of bed and went after Jack was right when Eloise looked back at the hospital wind was swirling around and around she started running for help. Jack was back at home sitting next to his fire alone waiting for the days to pass.