The Adventures of Ollie the Carrot

The Adventures of Ollie the Carrot

One ordinary day in Oman there was a carrot named Ollie. He was really skinny and young about 12 years old. He was also very athletic and outdoorsy.


He lived in the wall of a kid’s bedroom where he became very angry so he tried to get to the kitchen, he had started to get shrivelled and dehydrated.


He finally made it to the fridge. Then he met a guy called Billy Bacon. Billy had some other friends they were Cian Cabbage, Ben Broccoli and Orgaa Orange. They hung out for a while in the vegetable crisper. Then Ollie thought of an idea.

“Hey, the humans have been eating us for centuries! It’s time we stopped them! WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM!” Ollie announced courageously.

“So what do we do?” Asked Cian Cabbage.

“We find anything that may or may not be lethal and head for the little fat kid’s room and take him out” “ Ok quick, then we go for the others”, but before they could get the kid’s bedroom someone stepped on them, all except Ollie. So he went to the kid named Jimmy’s room. He stabbed him in the foot

“I guess he didn’t feel it” “Ok time for the mini chopstick in the chest 3, 2, 1 “HEEYAA!” he struck him in the chest, with a brief delay Jimmy fell back on his bed.                     Ollie hit him again in the neck. He started to breathe heavily until “BANG!” the stick hit him and knocked the boy unconscious. The parents came rushing in. Ollie hid away “THAT SNEAKY CARROT!” the dad shouted angrily. “Honey search the house we’re going to kill that carrot!” the dad said rubbing his hands together in anger and delight. Ollie ran to the only place he could get out. He was seconds away from the door and… he makes it! Ollie runs away as fast as he could. Heading to the next family to terrorise. “HEEHEE!” Laughed Ollie.           THE END

Science Lesson

This is some of the things we did in our science lesson about heat

Electrical                            Chemical (Gas)

Clothes dryer                                 BBQ

Hair dryer                                       Chimney

Hair straightener                           Pizza oven

Heat lamp                                       Pot (on stove)