The $100,000 Dollar Jackpot in Five Cent Coins!

“Welcome to the $100,000 jackpot my name is Barry Abbot, give a loud round of applause to our contestants… Bob Ganiste, Charlie McGuire and John Carpenter!” (Clap, scream, whistle, clap) “Alright, alright.” Barry said as the crowd stopped cheering. “Now let’s meet our first contestant Bob Ganiste!” Barry yelled excitedly “Alright let’s get started, first question what is the answer to this? 1,846,922 x 69,789,862,222= A. 0 B. ERROR C. Cats or D. 128,896,431,914,780,684.” Exclaimed

“I think B, lock in B.”

“Ok locked in, oh sorry Bob that’s incorrect the correct answer was D, better luck next time” “Ok time for our next contestant… Charlie McGuire!” Said Barry enthusiastically.

“Hey” Greeted Charlie.

“Ok second or maybe last question and another maths question, what does this equal? 798,876,452,231,962,864 + 1: A. Something B. Nothing C. I don’t know D.21 E. YMCA F. 798,876,452,231,962,865” Said Barry

“I think I’ll go with……….-

“HURRY UP!” Shouted John Carpenter

“Ok, Ok now continue please Charlie” Said Barry.

“Thank you, I’ll go with F. please.” Said Charlie.

“Charlie… that is correct!” Yells Barry

“Dammit! Dammit! DAMMIT!” John yelled


The five cent coins came raining down hitting Charlie and Barry in the head giving them concussions and knocking them out.

“YES, I can steal the money HEHE!” John said as he was rubbing his hands together maniacally.

“Come out with yee hands up NOW!” A policemen said.


“Shut up!”

“Get in the car and be quiet!”

The next day John went to court and was guilty so he went to jail. Now the game show is shut down and is a carpet factory.