Term 1 Government Goals

Unit Goals: Civics and Citizenship

As a result of this unit, I will


Unit Learning Goal 1: Civic knowledge and understanding                                                                                                  

I will . . . describe the three levels of government and some of the key functions of each level.

I will understand the three levels of government and some of the necessary actions of each level.

Unit Learning Goal 2: Civic knowledge and understanding


I will . . . demonstrate understanding of the process of making and changing laws.

I will understand the means of constructing and modifying laws.


Unit Learning Goal 3: Community engagement

I will . . . demonstrate understanding of the roles and responsibilities leaders, and of democratic processes, when engaging in school and community activities.

I will understand the roles and duties of leaders, and of democratic actions, when participating in school and community activities.


Unit Learning Goal 5: Literacy

I will . . . understand the high level vocabulary used in this topic.


Unit Learning Goal 6: Numeracy

I will . . . understand the way the government uses their money and what they spend It on.



Personal Learning Goals:

During this unit, I will . . . focus on managing my time to make sure I have enough time to complete activities.

Why I Should be in the SRC


Dear 5/6C,

This text is to showcase my skills of why I would be a great addition to the SRC. Having been in the SRC before has been a great experience and I’m ready to take up the role again. Here are the qualities I believe are necessary required to be apart of the SRC.

What is the SRC

The SRC is an acronym that stands for The Student Representative Council. It is made up of groups of kids from 1/2 to 5/6. They discuss things ranging from fundraisers to school clubs etc;. There are two representatives from each class who attend weekly meetings. By becoming apart of the SRC, kids are expected to go to every meeting.


I am very confident when it comes to speaking in front of crowds and sharing my ideas. I have also been in the SRC before so I have some experience with talking. When talking I am calm, loud and patient.


I’m brave and I can stick up for people, not only them but myself as well. I am willing to step up to any challenge anyone throws at me.


I am fair and care about everybody’s rights to be included and heard, not only heard but accepted. When people are a part of the SRC I believe it’s important for everyone to have their say.


In conclusion I think I would be a great member of the SRC because I’m confident, brave, fair and experienced.

100WC Week#7

I woke in a tight, dark place with no understanding of my surroundings
it was silent. I tried to see if there was a light switch anywhere but there wasn’t but then …the door opened and there it was… it was my golden running trophy! I don’t know how the door opened though…
“Hello?” I said.
“Hello… my name is Alfred!” He said.
“Uhh… OK… where am I?”
“No son, the real question is why are we here?” Alfred said
“Well I don’t know that’s why I asked you” Alfred
“Ask questions later…”


Why you’re lucky to have me in your class

You are lucky to have me in your class because I am very organised and ready for anything you throw at me. I get the job done in an efficient and orderly fashion without getting distracted. I am excellent at cooperating in a group if I was leader everyone would get their say much like a democracy. I would consider myself to be good with computers and I’m willing to help anyone who needs help. I’m caring, a great friend and I’m optimistic.

And that’s why you’re lucky to have me in your class.


Dear Ant,

As you already know my name is Abraham and my birthday is on the 28th of February 2005 I have 3 brothers 1 of which have experienced your greatness. Something you may or may not know about me is that I love animals, all animals. I have 2 cats and 2 birds who are sooo cute! My cats names are Jimmy and Couscous and my birds’ names are Blueberry and Perry. I used to have 3 cats but one died because of a heart attack his name was Oscar and he was 12 when he died. I also love DC characters like Batman, Green lantern, Flash, Wonder woman, Deathstroke and a whole lot more!

These holidays were on a whole ‘nother level of fun! Me and my brothers we got 2 brand spanking new games for our Xbox One they were Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Just Cause 3 they are probably the best games of 2015 well at least in my opinion. I also visited my grandma’s house for 4 weeks!

In my free time I like to play Minecraft with my brother and build some pretty amazing things. We built a working TARDIS from the absolutely amazing and fascinating TV show called Doctor Who. I also like origami I sometimes do it but not that often.

I hope you found out something new about me and I hope you enjoyed!

From Abe