When the Connection Broke 100WC Week#11

I was in my room doing my homework, peacefully and without a worry. On the news there were stories about a ghost of a young girl who goes into people’s houses and eats them alive. Of course I wasn’t worried because it was just an urban legend, though people wouldn’t just disappear would they? Her name was Hinami-chan. Why would a Japanese ghost be in Australia? Why would she punish random people? The lights went out… there was singing from a little girl. “Hello?!” I yelled I went down to the basement with a flashlight. “La… La… La…” More singing. Something lunged at me…

100WC Week 11

BTN: Voting Changes

This BTN was about what the senate is and how parties are elected to be in the senate. Before any new law is made the lower house or the House of Representatives has to vote on it, then it goes to the upper house or the senate where half of them have to agree before a new law is made. Why don’t both of the houses form and decide together? I understand It’s unfair that the more popular parties don’t get elected because of people voting for their number 1 party and leaving the rest of the votes to the party chosen. In Australia there are 76 senators, 12 in each state and 2 in each territory, In the senate there are 4 parties that decide what laws are kept and what laws go. Why doesn’t the government make voting for all parties compulsory? In the senate the smaller parties control the bigger parties, so this means the least important parties control the most important parties which can lead to unfavorable consequences.


RED: Understandings

GREEN: Questions

BLUE: Insight



100WC Week#10 The Three of us

I have come from America to live in Japan, I see two men, I walk over.

“So… are there any good places around here that would be good to live in” I said staring at them. They stared back in disbelief, like they’ve never seen or heard an American before.

“There is Shibuya we live there but many people don’t speak English.” Said one of them

“Well first, what are your names?” I questioned

“Hiroshi and Satoru Iwata” They said

“Ahh you’re brothers!” I exclaimed

“Should we eat? It’s getting a bit late.” Hiroshi asked

“Sure, where though?”

They started walking so I followed behind.


Buddy Reflection

My buddies name is Khan. We do buddies every second week. There are a couple of reasons we do buddies: So the new prep has a role model and so we can learn to be a leader. Sometimes it’s hard for a prep to realise if he/she is doing the wrong thing so having a buddy is great help to them to learn what is right and what is wrong.


The buddies training really prepared us for the buddies because some of us didn’t understand where to draw the line on things like friendship and work. Buddies has given me such a head start at leadership and taking care of kids. I have learnt a lot in buddies and it has made me a better person.

100WC Week#9 A Superhero

He flew past at the speed of light! He was a superhero. No one knew where he was from and what he was doing. He flew down to anyone in need then just flew away again. People tried to get his attention but he was like a robot completing a task. He couldn’t feel anything. He came down one day he said his name was Krylax, he was from another world that had been destroyed, he came to ours for a purpose, he achieved what he had once desired. Now with no duty he lives among us in peace.