The 6 bins of Ireland

One day in Ireland 6 pretty “trash” stand-up comedians were telling jokes, they were “rubbish” but atleast they were laughing. There was a red one, a brown one, a aqua one, a white one, a purple one and a blue one. They lived to tell horrible jokes that was their purpose but one of the bins made a good joke for the first time in the history of jokes and that was… “Why did the chicken cross the road…? To get to the other side!” and none of them laughed so he quit and went on to being a bin outside McDonalds.

100WC Latest Prompt

Term 2 Goals: Chemistry

This term our intergrated studies topic is chemistry and these are the 4 goals I have chosen.

  • Solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways.
  • With guidance, pose questions to clarify practical problems or inform a scientific investigation, and predict what the findings of an investigation might be.
  • Compare data with predictions and use as evidence in developing explanations.
  • Use strategies to help me read and understand scientific texts that use tier 3 scientific language.

BTN Report: Paris Attacks

This BTN report was about the Paris attacks in 2015

On the tragic night of November 13 2015 three teams of terrorists that targeted bars restaurants, a theatre during a rock concert and a stadium where a soccer match was being played. 129 people were killed and hundreds were injured.

President Hollande was quoted as saying: “At this moment while I speak, terrorist attacks of an unprecedented extent are taking place in wider Paris. There are dozens of dead, many injured, and it is a horror.”

ISIS claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack and also said that they did the earlier attack in Lebanon which killed 49 and injured many more.


The first question I have is why would ISIS do such a horrific thing to so many innocent people?

My second question is how the French border patrol could let such people into the country?

I understand now how different people’s perspectives can be and how horrible some places in the world are.

RED- Recalls

Blue- Questions

Green- Insight

100WC Week#13

“Oh my gosh, I’m getting so big! NOOOOOOOO!” I yelled and punched my keyboard. I was playing an online game where you play as a spot and eat other spots. I decided to start a new game. I was losing mass for some reason I saw another person and chased after them but they’re spot just grew and grew which made him faster so I decided to venture into the world of newbs (beginners.) But I couldn’t so I said to myself “I can’t deal with this anymore” so I decided to get hack and kill everyone. I HAD WON!

100WC Week#13

Governor General BTN Report

This BTN Report was about the Governor General of Australia and how she helps.

The Governor General is a representative for Queen Elizabeth II that works in Australia and attends events in different countries all over the world. Quentin Bryce was the 25th GG running from September 2008 – March 2014, she was the first female Governor General. Although they get special things it comes with a price, they have to work to keep Australia in check like approving laws and assign new government officials and judges. Why does the GG get more power then the PM? The governor general is like the senate, the house of reps and the people of Australia because she decides laws and assigns government figures and judges. Why does the Governor General get to fire the PM?

Red/Purple – Recalls

Green – Questions

Blue – Insight


The Horrible Holidays 100WC Week#12

It was the second last day of holidays and Johnny and his dad Bob wanted to do something special. So they decided to go and get sweet chips from the fish and chips store down the street. But when Johnny stepped out the door a little kid came up to him and said to his father that he hurt him, obviously Johnny had to lie to not get grounded so they went to the store and got the chips but they wanted to row they’re knew boat so they did then A ginormous sea monster emerged and threw they’re boat it seemed to fly. It was a spaceship!


100Wc Week 12