BTN Report: Forensic Science

This BTN report was about forensic science.

Forensic science is used for crime scenes to figure out things that are mostly hidden to the human eye. Forensic scientists use all kinds of tools to find out things like swabs, special powder and more. Forensic science can work out almost anything about a crime scene like fingerprints, blood and do DNA samples. How come forensic science is so effective? I think it is because you can almost find out anything. How did people find out about forensic science and how to use it? Something I understand now is that forensic science is the most effective type of detective work and it is most used.

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Goals and Reflection for Semester 1 and Semester 2 Goals

Here is my reflection to my semester 1 goals

My literacy goals were to improve my writing. I did this by adding more detail and description and changing genre. My maths goals were to learn more about mass and division. I learnt a little bit but I could have learnt more.  With my behavior goals I improved with my flexibility and questioning myself if I’m right. I did this by improving my goal reflections and trying all possibilities in maths. I started trying new things to improve my responsibility and willingness to help with things.

Here are my goals for the previous semester

My literacy goals are to improve my writing, try new genres and extend my vocab for my writing. My reading goals are to stop and think when I find a tricky word or if a part is tricky to understand. My other reading goal was to find a new interesting word, look up the meaning and write it down. My maths goals are to learn about mass and get better at division. With division I want to learn about long division. With mass I want to learn how to measure it and what it is used for.

Here are my goals for following semester

My literacy goals are to add more description and detail. I could do this by trying different genres and different types of writing in my 100WC and free writing. My maths goals are to learn more multiplication and vertical multiplication. I could do this by doing more HOTmaths or extra maths homework. I could also focus more in class and do extension activities as well as trying harder things in maths. My reading goal is to read more interesting books. I could do this by getting more books.

Check In

I achieved my literacy goal of adding more description and detail. I did this by working in and out of school. I worked on it out of school with my 100WC when I did my homework and worked on it in school with personal writing. I am making the new goal of trying new genres because I mostly stick with the ones I’m comfortable with but I want to try and use different ones.

My numeracy goal was to learn more about multiplication and vertical multiplication. I haven’t fully achieved this goal but I have worked on it a little bit so I will continue with it so I can learn as much so I can some new strategies and methods of working out multiplication. I am going to try and work on it more with HOTmaths and anything I find in the real world that I can use multiplication for.

My reading goal was to read more interesting books. I have achieved this goal by reading a lot more books and books with different types of genres. I think my next goal is to work on my predicting. I could do this lots of times in the real world as well as when I am reading. Like when I’m watching a movie or TV show. I am also going to continue looking for more books with different types of genres so I can get comfortable with some.

The Flame

The shivering, screaming man was forced into the cold, dark and ominous room. He was tied up onto a chair a vent of some sort and a match in his hand. He caught a short glimpse of the man who took him there before he was blindfolded. On the other side of the room the man had a device that looked like a camera. The man guessed it had to do with the flame and carefully held it up. He was breathing heavily, it almost blew out the candle. He tried to move and get out just as the flame flickered and then went out setting the man on fire.

BTN Report: Orangutan Gamers

This BTN Report was about orangutangs playing games.

Orangutangs are smart and curious creatures they get bored easily in their enclosure that’s why Melbourne zoo created games for them. The orangutangs learned quite quickly how to play the game what they had to do was put a hand or object on a red dot and it would progress the game. The people from Melbourne zoo are working on a new thing for the orangutangs, it is an app called Orangstagram. Since the Orangutangs love seeing pictures of themselves they will love this app. Why don’t the people at Melbourne zoo give the orangutangs games like ours? Why don’t the zookeepers play with the orangutangs in other ways? The main purpose of this text was to show people that monkeys or apes are much like us and are learning how we act with things.

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The Silent Town

There was extreme silence in silent town because of the mass production of orange pyjamas it was a great and restful night except for the thunder storm. The next morning I had swimming I swam so fast I smacked my head on the wall and went unconscious. I awoke on the grass beside the pool my head really hurt I had a big lump on my head. The next morning I had cornflakes for breakfast they were delicious my dad said I can go to school tomorrow because my head is getting better. That night I dreamed about cheese.

Science Prepared Speech: Why water expands when it freezes

Hello 5/6C and welcome to my speech about why water expands when it freezes.

The normal thing for liquids to do when they freeze is shrink. If you heat something up it vibrates more so it expands. But water is a bit different because of the way the atoms are arranged. If you look at water molecules it looks like the head of Mickey Mouse because of the two hydrogen atoms being his ears and the oxygen atom being his face. The oxygen atom is slightly negative and the hydrogen atoms are slightly positively charged, so water molecules tend to stick together forming what are called hydrogen bonds. Here is my diagram showing exactly what the molecules of water are.

Because of the shape of the molecule, the way water molecules tend to link together is actually a very open structure with big holes. That means, there’s quite a lot of extra empty space. When water freezes it releases energy because lots of extra strong bonds can be made. But it does take up more space. And that’s why water expands when it freezes. Thank you for listening to my speech and I hope you learnt something new.


During my preparation of my speech I faced some challenges, they were finding facts and researching, creating a good, well though out structure and creating small que cards.

Some strong points about my speech were that I had interesting facts, a clear, big prop and a loud fluent voice.

Some work habits I could have used were to practice, when you make mistakes keep on going and i could have thought about making my speech overall as good as I can.

Some subjects I could implement my skills of speaking and listening could be science if I’m told to get up and explain something or any other subject.

5 things I saw done really well were that people practiced a lot and memorized most of their speech. I saw that people researched a lot and put it all into a 2 minute, well spoken speech. Also I saw that people had clear props that they used really well in explaining whats happening in their speech.

3 things that should try to be avoided are messing up your que cards, not practicing enough and not being fluent and clear.

3 things I could try next time are to practice a lot more, research more and add more in so it will be long enough.

BTN Report: Nuclear Dump

This BTN report was about a nuclear waste dump possibly being built in South Australia.

If a nuclear waste dump would be built the government would have to get the opinion of the people who live in South Australia because that will cause them to leave or start a riot or protest which could affect the government even more. Even though it’s not very often for an earthquake to happen in South Australia it can still happen and could affect not only the government but it could affect everyone in South Australia. The government may make money but if something were to go wrong the eco-system could be damaged permanently. Why is the government always thinking about money instead of the eco-system? Because if we were to destroy the planet we live on where would we be right now? Something I understand now that I didn’t before is that even though people won’t make money at least they will protect their home.

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The Great Reach

This week I’m focusing on changing my genre of writing.

Sophie, a rather normal mother with a rather normal daily routine isn’t so normal on the inside. Sophie suffers with depression after her mother’s passing. She’s had therapy which hasn’t worked but her son’s smiles everyday make her feel that little bit better. Depression is like reaching for a ladder, if you can’t reach it you may never get up to where you are going. Sometimes Sophie never gets up in the morning and her son has to get her up and she still might not get up. Even though Sophie is sad everyone always pulls through eventually.

BTN Report US Election

This BTN report was about the US election happening in November.

Although the election for president looks similar for the election for prime minister the election for president is much longer. Early in the year they need to pick candidates for each party which are republican and democratic then later in the year they do the actual election. The two candidates for the parties are Hillary Clinton for the democratic and Donald Trump for the republican. Why do people vote for someone like Donald Trump if he is saying stuff that controversial? Why doesn’t every government become a democracy if it’s such an effective form of government? Something that I get know that I didn’t get before is even though some candidates have bad policies they have some good ones which make people vote for them.

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The Box 100WC Week#13 (I accidentally skipped it)

This week I have been focusing on the power of three to add more description to my writing.

One gloomy, rainy, dark night Jack was looking for things to do because he was bored he looked through all of his old toys and found a dusty cardboard box. He looked into it and saw another world he put his hand into the box and felt a soft, warm cat, he named him Wiskers. He went to show his brother Bill he said it was great but he was being sarcastic, maybe he was the only one who could see it. he went to sleep and the next day it was gone.