Disaster Recovery|BTN Persuasive Piece

Money. Everyone needs money but countries who are hit with natural disasters are needing it more. Countries hit by natural disasters lose resources like food and water. They also lose things like medical attention and shelter. When a country is hit by a natural disaster other countries or organisations need to help. They can help by giving money, food, water, medical attention and by providing temporary shelter. If your country was hit by a natural disaster would you want help? So I will be explaining that we should give money to countries everywhere that are hit by natural disasters.

Firstly medical attention is needed no matter what but when a country is hit by a natural disaster they need it more than ever. Any person can be severely injured during a natural disaster and need immediate medical attention. By countries giving money we’re saving thousands of lives daily.

Secondly shelter is a thing most people have. But for countries hit by natural disasters their homes are wiped out. So by donating we give them a place where they can feel safe. Shelter is a key thing is peoples lives. It’s where people go to eat and sleep but for the people hit by natural disasters they sleep in tents or even just the ground.

Lastly countries hit by natural disasters have a lack of food and water. Yes, food and water. Something everyone needs to stay alive. We need countries to fly out to these places to give them food and water just so that they can live another night.

Countries hit by natural disasters lose everything, even sometimes hope. So by countries giving money we can solve problems like not having medical attention, shelter, food and water.




The Invasion of Fairyland|100WC Week#27|

This week I have tried to reduce my dialogue.

As a kid we would get told that Fairyland was a magical place. As we got older we realized it didn’t exist, but what if it did? While sleeping one boy on the 1st of December was lifted from his bed. Once woke he immediately screamed as loud as he could. This was because he wasn’t in his bed at home but he was in a forest where little spots of light were speeding past him. He heard a fairy say that ogres had invaded and that they had to run. But the boy wasn’t scared and instead stayed and fought.

100WC Latest Prompt


Seed Bank BTN: Persuasive Text

The Doomsday Vault is probably the best idea humans have come up with. In the Arctic botanists are keeping seeds from all across the world. That’s means seeds from Australia, America and even Africa are there. Today I will be telling you why the Doomsday Vault is not a waste of money and should always be around.

First off the Doomsday vault is very well secured and no one has even attempted to rob it. It has alarms for people who are trying to break and it’s in the Arctic so basically no one is going to rob this place.

My next point is that at anytime any country could get wiped out by a natural disaster and where would we find the seeds to regrow all the plants destroyed. That’s why seed banks are so important they store seeds from anywhere. No one can grow wheat because everyone is out of seeds? The Doomsday Vault.

My final point is that seeds from across the whole world are at the doomsday vault. Seeds for plants like wheat, barley and potatoes are kept here. These are plants everyone loves and we eat wheat and barley on a regular basis. So why shouldn’t we keep it?

So in conclusion the Doomsday Vault is very well secured, and country could get wiped out and the Doomsday Vault would have the seeds and that seeds from all across the world are there, seeds for plants we use everyday. I hope you now understand the great use for the Doomsday Vault.


Pokemon Trainer|Week#26|Week#1 SWP

I woke up to the blinding sunshine through my melting ice window. I grabbed my Pokedex and my Pokemon trainer bag with all my stuff for Pokemon catching. My name is Ash Ketchum, people call me the master Pokemon trainer because I have caught almost all the Pokemon. And trust me catching 721 Pokemon isn’t easy. Gengar was the only Pokemon left to catch. I flew to japan on my Articuno and finally saw a Gengar it frightened me at first because I had never seen one. I had one last master ball left. I threw it at him and he was hard to catch but I finally caught them all.

100WC Latest Prompt

Information Text: Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters are catastrophic events that are caused by nature or natural processes of the earth. People can’t properly prepare for natural disasters. They are almost unexpected without technology that can predict it.

Earthquakes can really impact people’s lives in a big way. When two plates in the earth collide it can create shaking in the earth. When the shaking gets really fast it can destroy entire buildings.

Tornados are large funnel-like clouds that touch the ground and spin very fast. They can destroy towns they pass through almost in seconds. Tornados are very dangerous things and so as a result people have created alarms that indicate that a tornado is coming.

Tsunami are huge waves that crash into the ground and they destroy everything it comes in contact with it. They can reach over 20m high, which can destroy cities. Alarms have been made to alert people but no one can really prepare.

Hurricanes or cyclones are spinning storms that don’t touch the ground. They are clouds made up of high speed wind and rain. Hurricanes can rip up buildings and destroy whole cities.

Floods are natural disaster that raise water that cut out power and destroys towns and the currant can pull people or even houses.

So in conclusion a natural disaster is a catastrophic event that is caused by nature or natural processes of the earth. People can’t prepare properly but people make alarms to inform them.

Natural Disaster Term 3 Goals

Unit Goals: Extreme Weather


Unit Learning Goal 1: Science


  • I will understand that avalanches and earthquakes can affect Earth’s surface (ACSSU096)

In the context of cyclones and hurricanes and tornados or tsunamis




Unit Learning Goal 2: Science


I will identify discoveries about avalanches that are used to solve problems that directly affect people’s lives



Unit Learning Goal 3: Science


I will identify scientific knowledge of avalanches that is used to make personal and community decisions




Unit Learning Goal 5: Reading and viewing


I will select, navigate and read texts for a range of purposes, applying appropriate text processing strategies and interpreting structural features, for example table of contents, glossary, chapters, headings and subheadings (ACELY1712)




Unit Learning Goal 6: Writing


I will Use a range of software including word processing programs with fluency to construct, edit and publish written text, and select, edit and place visual, print and audio elements (ACELY1707)




Personal Learning Goals: During this unit, I will . . .


Focus on more than one website to research on for a project. I will communicate and cooperate with my partner in a friendly way to get our work done. I will use graphs and tables to represent my data in a neat way. I will spend my time wisely while researching and not getting distracted.


BTN Report: Persuasive Text

This BTN Report was about a rookie reporter who went around and interviewed some pretty big people. Instead of doing a normal BTN Report we will be doing a persuasive text on who you should vote for this election.

Who would even think to vote for anyone except for the liberals? I will be explaining why no other parties matter. I will be going over that there doesn’t need to be an election because the liberals are the far better party. Whats the point in voting when the liberals have basically already won.

Because there are quite a lot of problems in Australia at the moment the coalition or liberals have to work hard to solve all of the things us Australians need 1 issue is terrorism. Terrorism isn’t just a thing in Australia it’s a thing in many other places in the world. There is a group in Australia called The National Disruption Group. They bring together Federal agencies and state territory police to discuss some counter-terrorism operations. Some groups are called AFP Online Targeting Teams who identify criminals online and collect evidence. A big group is called the Australian Border Force Counter-Terrorism Units who are at all eight Australian international airports and do fast-tracked biometric screening which basically it scans for chemicals in the air. The final group used to fight terrorists or terrorist groups is The Foreign Fighters Task Force which uses their unique coercive powers and wealth of criminal intelligence to find terrorist networks.

My next point is something that all of you really care about and that is education. The coalition are putting fund reaching $73.6 billion over the next four years that is a huge impact on the almost whole of Australia and the almost whole of your life. And that’s not it they say they will continue raising and raising the funds as every year goes by. The coalition promises better teaching quality, More school autonomy, engaging parents in education and they promise to strengthen the curriculum. Those are big promises and if they keep them that could improve your life exponentially.

My third and final point is my most important and that is healthcare. If we want to life in Australia we need good healthcare. A promise the coalition has made is that they will provide $2.9 billion to public hospitals over the next three years. The government is strengthening Medicare through the new Health Care Homes initiative, which will better coordinate comprehensive care for chronically ill patients. Science labs around Australia have been creating new medicines for our well-being these include: Keytruda, which is used to treat Melanoma, Mekinist, Which is used to treat positive Metastatic Melanoma and finally Perjeta, Herceptic and Kadcya, which are used to treat breast cancer.

These are my three reasons for why you should always vote for The Coalition/Liberals because firstly they will help stop terrorism in Australia, secondly they will fund $73.6 billion dollars toward education and finally they will help improve healthcare for the citizens of Australia. This has been why you should vote for the Coalition/Liberals and why no other party will do as much as them. I hope you choose the right decision and make Australia a great place for everyone to live in, Thank you.