The Mysterious Swamp

This week I have tried not having dialogue to add more of a mood to my writing.

A group of curious friends were travelling on a bike path in a forest nearby their neighborhood on a almost pitch-black, foggy night. The parents of these children were oblivious to the fact that the kids were out in the middle of the night with a couple of flashlights in a dark forest. At their school they were told stories about a swamp. So being the curious kids they were they of course went down to this swamp and looked around. They made it down to the swamp and were petrified by what they saw. As they stared into the water it began to turn green.


Recount Of Questacon

The bus doors opened and all of us rushed out so excited for Questacon. As soon as we walked through those doors we saw gadgets and gizmos that looked like they were from a dream. Once we came in we sat down and were told some of the things that were there. Especially the Freefall, a slide that was 7m tall and a complete vertical drop.

We made our way to the first gallery and it was my “favourite”. It was about spiders. Of course I was terrified from the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out. Whatever was in there I didn’t want to see. All of these spiders big, small, thin, fat, poisonous, harmless. They also had these little enclosures and this microscope that would show spiders. There was also all of these spiders in glass around the whole gallery.

The next gallery was called Wonderworks it was about little machines this one included a machine called a harmonograph that if you couldn’t guess made harmonograms. This was probably one of the coolest things there. The machine would make little pictures that were different every time. There was also these little mechanisms that a ball would go along.

The third gallery was called Awesome Earth. It was about different things that happen on the earth this included earthquakes, lightning, and many other things about the earth. There was this earthquake simulator that had different settings. There was also this big cylindrical thing that would have lightning strike every 14-15 minutes.

The fourth and final gallery we went to was called Excite it had all these fine science things. But the best thing that was there was the Freefall it was probably the best thing there. I went on it 3 times because it was so fun. There was this air hockey table that you would play against a robot with. They also had a little game to see the fastest you can throw a ball. After that we went back to the place we came in and thanked the people there for showing us these cool things. Then we hopped on the bus and headed back to camp.

Comparisons|Haiti and Chile Earthquakes|BTN|

These are comparisons of the two earthquakes that happened in 2010. The Haiti earthquake and the Chile earthquake.

The Haiti earthquake was around a magnitude of 7 and the Chile earthquake was around 8.8 magnitude. The earthquake in Haiti killed an estimate of around 250,000 people while the Chile earthquake only killed an estimate of 500 poeple. The country of Haiti is a poor country so they do not have reinforcements in their buildings but Chile is a much richer country which means they can afford reinforcements and save more lives because the buildings won’t collapse. In 2010 Haiti had a population of 9.896 million and Chile had a population of 17.15 million. That’s quite a big difference but Chile still managed to have a lower death toll. The severity of natural disasters is measured in economic loss or death toll so the Haiti earthquake was way more devastating than that of the earthquake in Chile.

Poem For Barbara Springfield

Barbara Springfield

Keep one’s eyes peeled

You’re never afraid

Because you’re always brave

Always optimistic

Never pessimistic

You’re a great principal

With fundamental principles

You’re sophisticated

And educated

Happy Principals Day!

From Abraham