Natural Disaster: Tsunamis|Information Report|

A tsunami is a devastating natural disaster that has put many countries and cities in ruins. A tsunami is a huge wave that is caused by earthquakes or other disturbances. An earthquake is another natural disaster caused by tectonic plates colliding. A natural disaster is an event that is caused by nature and involves a populated area. This information text is about tsunamis and will inform people on a tsunami proof house, predicting a tsunami and preventing a tsunami.

The ‘Tsunami House’ is a waterfront home measuring in at 3140ft2(291.716m2). Is has been nicknamed the ‘Tsunami House’ because it is able to withstand a tsunami and earthquake. This house is on the northern end of Camano Island in Washington. It is not completely tsunami proof but it withstands a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. At the front and back of the house there is glass. If a flood occurs the glass shatters so the water can go straight through. The average magnitude of an earthquake is 5-5.9 so if a tsunami happened to strike the people inside would be mostly safe. This is because of a built in flood room that has certified waterproof things and is completely safe. Although there is no actual list of materials it is made from common materials like wood, concrete and metal. The Cascadia Subduction Zone is roughly 50 miles (80 kilometres) off shore and is a 680 mile (1100 kilometre) stretch of colliding tectonic plates. It is the largest fault line in North America. In 1700 a 9.0 magnitude earthquake happened and caused a 10 metre tsunami to form and travel all the way to Japan.

No. There is no way to prevent a tsunami but thankfully people can prepare for such a devastating natural disaster. Some ways to prepare for a tsunamis are to learn about tsunami chance in an area, plan and practise an evacuation plan, listen to the radio to stay informed and discussing tsunamis within families are all great ways to stay safe in the event of a tsunami. Knowing a communities warning system and disaster plans can possibly safe peoples life and their families’ lives. Tsunami warnings are issued when a tsunami big enough is coming. Warnings help the public prepare for a tsunami. But if a tsunami warning is late it could possibly destroy that country, city or town. Tsunami walls, flood gates and channels are three ways people think of to reduce damage done by tsunamis. In Japan they are not completely safe but they are safer than others because they have built many 14ft (4m) tsunami walls.

Like preventing a tsunami it is impossible to predict one because we cannot predict the earth’s tectonic plates are going to shift and collide any time soon and it is sometimes not certain that after an earthquake there will be a tsunami. Making a warning is only 1 thing preparing is the next. Geoscience Australia is making a warning system to help make tsunami guesses more accurate. With the help of seismometers, seismologists can use mathematics to estimate the height of tsunamis. This method was explained in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. Seismographs, ocean buoys, tide gauges and satellite altimetry are all ways that scientists detect tsunamis. A deep ocean detection buoy is an instrument used by the Bureau of Meteorology. Ocean buoys float on the surface of the ocean. A pressure monitor that goes to the bottom of the ocean and measures difference in deep ocean pressure. Seismographs use signals to find the latitude and longitude of the disturbance. Tide gauges are measuring systems that record how high and how low tides are at specific locations. Satellite altimetry is used for measuring height and in this circumstance wave height.

So in conclusion a tsunami is a huge wave caused by earthquakes or other disturbances. There is a tsunami house that can withstand tsunamis and earthquakes, tsunamis cannot be prevented but people can prepare and they cannot predict a tsunami but they can detect them and make warnings. So in the event of a tsunami by reading this people can be informed and save their lives.


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If it were to change so the tectonic plates do not collide and instead one goes underneath the other one it would cause a volcanic eruption instead of a tsunami. It is similar to the system of an earthquake because an earthquake involves two tectonic plates colliding. The order of this system is important because a tsunami cannot happen without an earthquake.


This diagram is shows how tsunamis start.


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School Captain Application

Dear Classmates

My name is Abraham Kamil. I have been at this school since prep and have been involved in SRC and Green Team throughout my time here.

Firstly, I understand that to be school captain you need good organizational skills to do everything asked of you in this role. Organization is being ready for anything and being ready for any changes. I myself believe that I have great organizational skills, an example of this is when I and a few other people were assigned to take care of the chickens. I took this as an opportunity to learn great organizational skills. Taking care of chickens which is also a living thing is a hard job when you just start out but during it you can learn great things to help with life. Some examples of when this skill is required is when you are setting up different things in SRC. In SRC there are a few different jobs run by the representatives. Some of these are the SRC blog, fundraisers and clubs.

Secondly, communication is one of the key things in this role. Communication isn’t just with a small range of people, it means all kinds of people like students, teachers and parents. I feel that I can talk very well with all kinds of people. Something that all 5/6s have practised is talking to younger kids. We have done this in our buddies program. I have family that I talk to and they are of many ages, so just in that I have already practised my communication skills. On excursions the school captains can practise communication with a wider range of the community.

Finally, all school captains need to be ready for new experiences. I myself love trying new things. It’s always great to try different things because you can learn great skills from it. Some examples of my own life experiences are the buddies program. I was quite reluctant to begin with but I learned that teaching young kids the right and the wrong things really makes you reflect upon yourself. I have learned many great skills along my way over the years but now with the role of school captain I can further my knowledge of these skills and further my knowledge as a students.

Kind regards,



The topic for this Debate is: We should give money to other countries when they suffer from natural disasters

Good morning Mr Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen. The topic for our debate is “That we should give money to other countries when they suffer from natural disasters.” The negative team’s opinion on this topic is that we should not give money to other countries hit by natural disasters. I will be explaining that by not giving it to countries we can spend it on more important things, No place is definitely safe so why spend money on it, and why should we help countries that are not our allies. But first, I will rebut against what the second affirmative speaker has said.

Now to my first point. Why do other countries deserve money when they don’t even help us back? Countries like America would help us and we would help them back because America are allies with Australia. If countries were to give something back we would trust them and help them.

Now onto my second point. By not giving it to other countries we can put the money towards medical science like treating cancer. Imagine you had a sick relative and if we didn’t give the money towards other countries we could treat your sick relative and help other people who suffer from the same thing.

Now finally my third point. No place on this entire planet is definitely safe so why spend money on these countries when we can put it to more important things. Why would someone think to live in a country so dangerous?

So Mr Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, in conclusion other countries don’t deserve our money if we don’t get anything back, by giving it to other countries were wasting money that could be used for medical science and no place on this entire planet is definitely safe so why spend money on countries who suffer from natural disasters. The negative team firmly believes that this statement is false. Thank you.