Space Rocks|BTN Reflection|

This BTN report was about three different types of space rocks, comets, asteroids and meteoroids. Comets are chunks of ice and dust and they come from the colder parts of the solar system. Also when comets get close to the sun they melt and give off gas that we see as a trail. Asteroids are made of rock and metal. Lots of them are in the the asteroid belt in between Mars and Jupiter. Meteoroids are smaller chunks of asteroids and loads of them enter the Earth’s atmosphere everyday. When meteoroids enter the earths atmosphere we call them meteors. I understand that lots of meteors have almost hit Earth but most of them burn up but that doesn’t mean that no damage is done a perfect example is the meteor that burned up in Russia. How would scientists create something to stop or move an asteroid comet or meteorite from hitting Earth? What if there is another meteorite just like the one that hit Earth that killed the dinosaurs but just in another galaxy?




BTN-Space Rock

Science homework|Solar System-Our home

This video was about the Solar system and objects in it. The solar system is inside the Milky Way and travels 200,000 km/h. The solar system takes 250,000,000 million years to fully go around the Milky Way. The Earth is the only planet that can sustain life without any sort of man made machines. The solar system has 8 planets all together not including dwarf planets. Why is the Earth the only planet where we can live on it without having any problems? Why do all planets have a gravitational pull?





Ancient Study of Astrology|Video Homework|

This video was about the study of astrology in the ancient times of human civilization. Mayans used their knowledge of astrology to figure out the motions of the planets and things like eclipses. In ancient Babylon they discovered a system of writing to be able to record a mass of volumes in astronomical observations and with this knowledge they created mathematical models which led to them creating calendars. Hundreds of years ago Mayans and Babylonians were discovering things to do with astrology but they weren’t thinking about astrology in a purely scientific way. The Mayan long count calendar used a 20 base system instead of the 10 base system like we use today. How were the people in ancient times figure out that there were planets other than the Earth, Sun and Moon? And how were they able to discover numbers or counting to help them make all these things?








Science in Space Unit Goals

Science Understanding

Science as a human endeavour: I want to find out different inventions or tools that have helped people discover space.

Earth and space sciences: I want to find out what could cause a planet to stop orbiting another planet.

Science Inquiry Skills

Analyzing and evaluating: I want to get better at summarizing my notes to make it easier for me to understand what I’m looking at.