Cyber Security 3-2-1

3 things that we were showed was how to avoid scams, how to improve your security online and they showed how people use emojis for passwords.

2 things I will do is improve my password security (possibly using emojis) and I will get more educated on scams to avoid anything happening.

1 thing I think they could have done better is showing examples of this happening in real life, consequences and videos.

Some strategies are to look at real scams and see the difference between them. Look deeply at the email if you have received one so that you  can see logos or bad grammar. Some tools are because they show lots of real examples of scams and how to avoid them. The problem is people are not thinking about how they could be affected properly so they do not worry to improve their security to avoid problems.

Space BTN Reflection|Humans in Space

This BTN video was about how humans have gone into space. The year 1961 was a year that changed life for humans forever because the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin successfully made it into space. The amount of money gone into space missions is huge because of the cost of the rocket, fuel, food and water. Another huge achievement for humans is the moon landing in 1969 because humans were able to discover another thing in our solar system that meant that we could explore even more because of the knowledge we gained from it. Why would Russia and the USA be the only countries to be really enthusiastic about travelling to space? How did humans discover all the essential things needed to fly into space? Something I understand now is that humans flying into space and onto different planets has changed our lives forever. We are now able to do things that were thought sorcery a few hundred years ago




SpaceX|Plans to colonize on mars|Space Video Reflection

This video was about a company called SpaceX that wants to fly people to mars. Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX and he wants people to colonize on Mars. He says that it will be possible to send people to mars by 2024 which said by many people is a bit ambitious. The whole plan from take-off to landing is set up rocket. Then fly the rocket into space. After that they fly tanks of fuel (3 they said) up into space to refuel the spaceship. Then they start they’re journey from the Earth’s orbit to Mars. Elon Musk believes it will take 80 days to get to Mars which again is a bit unlikely. People at SpaceX say that they will use methane because it can be created with carbon dioxide and other things on Mars so fuel is easy to get. They also say that they will need to take 100 people with them to Mars but reasons are not given why. A question I have is how Elon Musk thinks all these things unlikely to happen are certain to happen? Another question is why do they think that they will be fully ready to launch in 2024? An understanding I have is that by what Elon Musk and SpaceX is saying is that we will be able to go to mars soon in the coming future.




Link to video: SpaceX Video (Youtube)

Space Homework|Food In Space|

This video was about different food items in space. Food in space is kept in many different conditions. Some food is dehydrated and is called dehydrated food this food has had all the water extracted so all you need to do is add water or hot water and you can eat it. Russia sometimes sends up food to the astronauts. Most of the time this food is kept in cans. Some other types of food is thermo stabilized food which is food cooked and pre prepared then put into a air tight bag. The drinks for the astronauts come in plastic sort of bags and have straws on the end so the astronauts just have to suck the straw and they can drink whatever is inside. Something I understand now is that its a lot different in space to eat and drink and basically do what we do because of the conditions such as having no gravity. Why would they need to seal the bags completely? How does gravity affect humans and their organs?