SRC Speech

SRC stands for Student Representative Council so by joining it you would have to be a good representative. Today I will be explaining how I have what it takes to be a great representative. To become apart of the src you need to have multiple skills. Skills that you’ve learnt throughout your years at school and skills you’ve learnt outside of school. Some of these skills are: being able to try new things, confidence in communicating and you need to be a very organised person.

Firstly, communication is a really big part of being a student representative so if you can’t get your ideas across how would you be able to improve the school in the best ways possible. My communication has always been great and having debates last year has pushed it further than I expected. I have been more confident to speak in front of lots of people like when we did our school captain speech last year. I have been apart of the SRC once before and I helped out with the blog. I learnt a lot about how to be a leader and how to be a good role model.

Another good skill is you need to be able to try new things. Trying new things can lead to you finding a passion that you thought you would never have discovered. A personal example for this is music, the first time I heard about MVIMP I thought I would try it out since no one else in my family had a passion in music. I thought I would do sax because my friends were going to do it and I didn’t know which instrument to pick. A little bit into the lessons I didn’t want to play sax anymore and my passion for music had been lost but the year after my friend said to play bass guitar because he really liked it so I decided to try it and to this day I’m practising after school, I’m in band and I managed to go to music camp as a year 5 which is quite uncommon. If I hadn’t had given music or any thing I’ve done I don’t think I would be the person I am today.

The final skill I think is needed is the ability to be organised. Without organisation you wouldn’t know when to show up for meetings and you wouldn’t even know what to bring to class when that is needed. Organisation is a skill that everyone has but you need to have great organisation to be a SRC member. I know that many of you can think of a multitude of small things where organisation is needed but for SRC it’s a detrimental skill that everyone has but needs to master.


This has been my overly long explanation about how I think I’m a great candidate for the SRC thank you for listening and I hope you feel that I can represent you and your ideas at our school.

War Animals | BTN

This video was about animals that have helped many people in war.

Many animals are sent to war, animals like these are used for many different tasks. Animals can comfort Soldiers in war, it helps them think about home. But not all animals are used to cuddle soldiers when they’re sad, sometimes animals like these are used to send messages two examples of these “messengers” are dogs and birds. Birds are obviously the better choice because they can fly which means more opportunities of delivery. Dogs are also great messengers because of how agile and quick moving animals they are. Sometimes dogs are also used for sniffing out explosives mostly used in recent wars because of the fact that explosives have developed more. When a dog is finding explosives or completing a task sometimes there will be situations in which dogs wear a special dog gas mask. For transportation in the older wars, World War 1, World War 2 etc. soldiers used camels, mules or horses. Camels and mules used for transporting goods over long distances and horses for fast transportation across short distances.

A question I have is how the thought of using animals came about since? Another question I have is how they trained these messengers or bomb sniffers to do these things.

An understanding I now have is that without the use of animals a lot more casualties could have occurred since we wouldn’t have been able to sniff explosives or send messengers across seas and vast landscapes.

Letter to Libby

Hi Libby,
I am happy to be in your class. The first day I met everyone in the class with the activity we did I thought that I was going to have an excellent year. From everyone’s personality to their hobbies and interests I knew that everyone would be the most caring and respectful people I’ve ever had in my life.

I first wanted to talk about my family. My family are the nicest bunch of people most of the time at least. But they sometimes are a bit annoying but like any other family we would do we get over it and go back to what we were doing. I’ve got 3 brothers like you know. 2 that are twins just started year 10 and one that finished high school last year. They all have big passions in technology and gaming. The oldest one is probably the craziest one and the 2 other are the calmest and then there’s me right in the middle the sweet spot as they would say. They’re the best brothers I could ask for. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without them and without my mum.

I mostly share the same passions but I love technology more. Ever since a young age I’ve loved technology from the computer I had that later broke and the computer I have now.
I’m thinking about continuing with this passion so to do that I am going to a school that highly supports this subject that I enjoy. Something else I am quite passionate about is astrology and science overall and like technology I thinking of pursuing this in the future.

Most of my holidays was spent at my grandmas house. On the weekend I spend most of my time there. Even though I love my brothers I like to have my space so I spend time at my grandmas for that little peace and quiet.

This is the first time in a long time that Ive shared a lot about my life so I thank you for giving us this task I think it’s definitely helped me share my feelings and my passions.


Safer Internet Day Reflection

The presentation covered things about competitions online and how if you were to win it could lead to your personal information getting leaked and then you would almost have no privacy to do what you like. It also talked about posting videos on websites can be dangerous because people can say mean things and it can sometimes reveal information you don’t want to be revealed.

People can contact you which can sometimes be dangerous but sometimes in my case I have met and they turned out to be really nice people but I still think cautiously about what information I give out to them. People can seem like they are different ages than they might seem which can lead to weird experiences in real life.

A goal I would have for the next time I use the internet is to be careful about who I talk to and make sure they are who they seem.