Cyclone Debbie

This BTN was about a recent cyclone in Queensland and the recovery that took place. Cyclones are a tropical storm with strong winds and heavy rains. Cyclones can destroy homes and leave people without power or fresh water. Hunter is apart of one of the many families who have been affected by this cyclone. He described how the cyclone had left him with no much and how he was filming a little of the aftermath. Sometimes he couldn’t make a video because of a lack of power. Sometimes he would have to call and describe it over the phone. Many people within neighborhoods helped out to recover after the cyclone. The army was also trying to help out the best they could. After a few days almost every person involved in the cyclone was moving trees or clearing roads. How long is the average recovery time after a cyclone? Can a cyclone or other natural disaster cause mental problems such as PTSD? I now understand from the video and pictures how disastrous a cyclone can be and how everyone is willing to lend a hand to get the people back on their feet.

The Same

My goal is to add description.

For as long as anyone can remember discrimination has done no good for the world. And every person has imagined a world of pure similarity where no one has a slight difference. A world without war and inequality. Schools without bullying. Lives without different. A world with everyone the same is disastrous but unimaginably incredible. Having differences is what makes people special but prone to criticism and hatred. The pros and cons equal each other out when it comes to worldwide equality. It doesn’t take similar DNA to create peace love and hope creates peace.

Bill Smith

August 12th 1942
Life is hard. I miss home a lot but I have to fight for Great Britain as it is my home country and it is my duty. I’m having pains all over my body. It’s been almost 2 years we’ve been fighting. It’s a difficult fight and I think we’re close to finishing it. Everyone is worried about their lives and families. I believe that if we are fighting for our country death is only a matter of honour. If I die I will be remembered as a war hero I know it.
Bill Smith