Australian citizenship BTN

This BTN was showing how people become citizens and how the way they do it could become harder. To become eligible for Australian citizenship you’d needed to have lived here for 2 years and you had to have filled out a test. But recently it’s changed. You now need to have lived here for 4 years, filled out a harder test for non-English speakers and they now look into criminal records more thoroughly. So many people preparing to become citizens now have to wait 2 more hours years, possibly learn English and be cautious about how they spend their time. Malchom should’ve given those people a couple weeks notice instead of upright changing it. Are there any benefits to becoming an Australian citizen? What is different about being an Australian citizen and being a migrant? An understanding I now have is that becoming an Australian should be hard because of the pride, rights and the ability to know that you are safe.

Red- Facts/Recalls

Green- Questions

Blue- Understanding


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