Donating Blood BTN

This video was about the act of donating blood. Donating blood can help up to 3 people with just ½ a litre of it. Giving blood is easy and super helpful. If you’re 16 and up and you’re in good health then you can donate blood. There are 3 ways to donate blood: plasma, platelets or blood. When you give blood it gets shipped off to hospitals and places where people are in need of blood. There are over 200 orders of blood each day. Blood is mostly given to people with cancer or other diseases. If not enough blood is shipped out then what happens? How does the blood get shipped? Do hospitals get shipped exact amounts or a little over or under? An understanding I now have is that giving blood is supposed to be a sort of moral duty of ours. If someone doesn’t receive blood obviously they won’t get helped which in turn might mean they die. Giving blood is about saving lives.

Red- facts and recalls

Green- questions

Blue- understanding


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