Wannacry / Ransomware

This video was about a virus infecting computers around the world. Wannacry is a piece of software that when on your computer encrypts all your files making them useless to you. It’s not like other viruses because instead of making your computer not work it makes your files useless and you have to either pay hundreds of dollars to get your files back, which most of the time doesn’t even happen or you give up and forget about it. Unless you backed up your files you’ve practically got no way of getting your files back. People are speculating that the NSA developed this software, not to get 400 or so dollars of people but to instead track computers for different reasons with no money involved. Someone discovered this software created the NSA and took it to get ransomware. Microsoft has recently released a patch or an update for Windows that blocks ransomware like this. What was the main reason wannacry functioned so well?What was the main part of the software that encrypted people’s files? Was it affecting all operating systems like OSX, Windows, Linux or was it just Windows? I understand now that there are many types of viruses and they will keep getting developed with no trouble due to it being hard to track down hackers and hackers using existing codes in viruses.

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