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This term we focused on desert animal and plant adaptations. We chose a plant or animal in a desert environment and with our partner that was chosen for us. We planned, researched and created a presentation about our chosen animal or plant. We presented 8 weeks after we had started. After we had done our presentations we were told to write a reflection about what we learnt and how we thought we went during the making of it. My presentation with my partner was a PowerPoint on the Fennec Fox. We also had to highlight a rubric to show what we did. On the rubric all of the things I highlighted were in the above level. Something I felt I could improve on is my presentation because the balance wasn’t exactly equal but I thought I could have made it better. Also I think I got what I did because of the teamwork in my partnership. We worked really well together and that really helped with getting stuff done

I learnt during the lessons how to describe an animal and their environment, what to take if I were to venture into the desert and some adaptations about the camel. The most important thing I learnt was definitely how to describe an animal and its environment because it helped a lot with the project and the main premise of the project. Some of the stuff about adaptations I knew before the unit but most of it was learnt during the lessons. I will hopefully use the knowledge in high school because it may be important for other projects.

Structural Features and Adaptations

The Fennec Fox has light coloured fur so that it can reflect heat and avoid getting hot. If the Fennec Fox had darker hair combined with it being a fur coat they could’ve probably gone extinct.

The Fennec Fox has big ears useful for dissipating excess heat which can help in the morning with the scorching heat and also to avoid the heat they dig burrows to keep in the cold.

Planning and Conducting

I conducted an experiment on an adaptation of the fennec fox. The experiment was seeing if water in a black cup got hotter than water in a white cup up against the same heat source. I changed the colour of the cup, I kept the same the amount of water in the cups and measured the temperature of the water.


In order to be confident you need to feel comfortable to do what you are doing. Feeling comfortable with the people around you can help with being confident.


The fact that the big ears of the fennec fox dissipate excess heat at first I found that quite amazing. When I found out that a fox could survive in the desert I couldn’t believe it. I thought that only cats and dogs used urine as a deterrent for other animals but I found out many animals do that.


Fennec Foxes are a lot like other animals with their adaptations and behavioural decisions. Fennec foxes are hard to distinguish from other similar mammals.


I wonder if Fennec foxes adapted to another environment if they would survive better or worse or if they would have equal chances.


I learnt mostly about how to describe an animal and its environment to show information that someone else who doesn’t know could find out. I thought something I could improve on in the team work aspect was balancing the presentation roles and speaking.

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