The Shredder

A story has been passed down from all my relatives and it goes back 600 years. It tells about an ever-living lord of blood. He was told to be a man with a lion’s head holding a butcher knife. His name is Shesmu but we call him The Shredder. He is strong and quick with a movement of a shredder while he’s attacking his victims. Me and my friends thought it was a joke so we searched for him. We were looking for him as he rushed towards us so we all sprinted as fast as we could back to our houses.

Bold is the prompt but modified a bit.

One thought on “The Shredder

  1. I really liked how you grabbed the readers attention in the first two sentances but I think that you could have put in how you and your friends might have been scared or suprised about when you found the Shredder.
    Good Job

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