Yesterday was the best day ever! It started out with my friend announcing what we’re going to do all night and the rules. The next thing we did was light this giant Olympic like torch and put it inside a huge pedestal we made. The flame was as big as me! We had tents, a swimming pool, food and drinks plus a stockpile of amazing fireworks. The fireworks were black, white and all different colours. We celebrated mostly New Years but also someone’s birthday. Tomorrow we’ll talk about this all day through school.

Prompt: Flame, Swimming, Celebrated, White, Tomorrow


The Door

For my entire life “The Door” meant someone was leaving and never coming back. As I got older I was able to read people emotions and actions better and sometimes I’d even inform my family or whoever I was staying with at the time, whether it was at my dad’s or my mum’s or even my grandma’s someone was leaving and wasn’t coming back. Not long ago I had a fight with my best friend. “The Door”. This was my friend from kindergarten and I had let them go. As the door slammed I knew that was the end.

The Slasher

My friends and I always take the same way home because we all live on the same street. We pass by this little pond everyday coming home and we always look in and see bundles of leaves and muck. It’s completely disgusting and whatever is in arms reach we try and fish it out. But we starting seeing these mannequin like things pop up all over the place legs and upper body separated and dropped in wherever. We looked it up and found out it was the work of the serial killer who cuts his victims and dumps them all over town.

My Thing

My thing is something I use most days but I will use it most on Monday and Thursday every week. It’s a thing built around vibrations. It goes together with other things that do the same thing as it but not using vibrations. My thing is black and light brown. It is my most treasured thing because I love what I can do with it and what I can do with others. I love everything about what It can do because there are so many things it can do. Its a lot like other types of it but there are some differences between them.

The Shredder

A story has been passed down from all my relatives and it goes back 600 years. It tells about an ever-living lord of blood. He was told to be a man with a lion’s head holding a butcher knife. His name is Shesmu but we call him The Shredder. He is strong and quick with a movement of a shredder while he’s attacking his victims. Me and my friends thought it was a joke so we searched for him. We were looking for him as he rushed towards us so we all sprinted as fast as we could back to our houses.

Bold is the prompt but modified a bit.

The Laughing Seal

Yesterday was the first day in my life that I went to the zoo! I’ve been to the aquarium but never the zoo. I got up and didn’t even have a shower because I was so excited to go. We made it to the zoo 30 minutes before it opened so we went to get some hot chips and drinks. By the time we finished the zoo had opened so we rushed to the entrance. After running around my favorite animal was this seal that looked like he was laughing. It was the best day ever.

This is the prompt for this week.

Snuck Out

Tonight was the night. Me, James, Suzie and Michelle were gonna sneak out. We had zero idea where we were going but I was hanging out with Suzie. I really liked Suzie and tonight I was gonna ask her out. I started climbing out my window when finally my senses kicked in but I kept going. We met up and started heading into the woods. It was such a beautiful night. I knew this was the right spot. My heart was beating out of my chest. James was over with Michelle probably kissing. I was about to ask her out when all of a sudden

The bolded words are the prompt.

The Flash | 100WC |

The words in bold indicate the prompt.

The distant sound of gunshots could be heard everywhere. My name is John McAllen and I enrolled in the army 1 year ago when the war was starting. We were storming a building in Afghanistan in enemy territory. Halfway through the building and no one was there. I heard a distant yelling echo throughout the building. It was getting closer. We started getting behind cover but then the flash made me cover my face and blind me. Bullets were zipping past my face. I got hit in the leg and stumbled over screaming. I couldn’t get up, it was the most painful feeling.

100WC Prompt

Mary | 100WC |

When I was 9 I still went to the amusement park that I’d been going to for more than half my life. The best thing in the entire park was the merry-go-round. I always went on the same horse every single time. I called her Mary. As I got older, around 10 or 11 I started asking my mum for disinfectant wipes so Mary would be clean. When I was 12 my mum told me I was too grown-up for the amusement park but I still loved that place and I loved Mary, so I got together all my friends and we broke Mary out.

Wannacry / Ransomware

This video was about a virus infecting computers around the world. Wannacry is a piece of software that when on your computer encrypts all your files making them useless to you. It’s not like other viruses because instead of making your computer not work it makes your files useless and you have to either pay hundreds of dollars to get your files back, which most of the time doesn’t even happen or you give up and forget about it. Unless you backed up your files you’ve practically got no way of getting your files back. People are speculating that the NSA developed this software, not to get 400 or so dollars of people but to instead track computers for different reasons with no money involved. Someone discovered this software created the NSA and took it to get ransomware. Microsoft has recently released a patch or an update for Windows that blocks ransomware like this. What was the main reason wannacry functioned so well?What was the main part of the software that encrypted people’s files? Was it affecting all operating systems like OSX, Windows, Linux or was it just Windows? I understand now that there are many types of viruses and they will keep getting developed with no trouble due to it being hard to track down hackers and hackers using existing codes in viruses.

Red- Facts

Green- Questions

Blue- Understanding