Science Reflection | Project On Adaptations |

This term we focused on desert animal and plant adaptations. We chose a plant or animal in a desert environment and with our partner that was chosen for us. We planned, researched and created a presentation about our chosen animal or plant. We presented 8 weeks after we had started. After we had done our presentations we were told to write a reflection about what we learnt and how we thought we went during the making of it. My presentation with my partner was a PowerPoint on the Fennec Fox. We also had to highlight a rubric to show what we did. On the rubric all of the things I highlighted were in the above level. Something I felt I could improve on is my presentation because the balance wasn’t exactly equal but I thought I could have made it better. Also I think I got what I did because of the teamwork in my partnership. We worked really well together and that really helped with getting stuff done

I learnt during the lessons how to describe an animal and their environment, what to take if I were to venture into the desert and some adaptations about the camel. The most important thing I learnt was definitely how to describe an animal and its environment because it helped a lot with the project and the main premise of the project. Some of the stuff about adaptations I knew before the unit but most of it was learnt during the lessons. I will hopefully use the knowledge in high school because it may be important for other projects.

Structural Features and Adaptations

The Fennec Fox has light coloured fur so that it can reflect heat and avoid getting hot. If the Fennec Fox had darker hair combined with it being a fur coat they could’ve probably gone extinct.

The Fennec Fox has big ears useful for dissipating excess heat which can help in the morning with the scorching heat and also to avoid the heat they dig burrows to keep in the cold.

Planning and Conducting

I conducted an experiment on an adaptation of the fennec fox. The experiment was seeing if water in a black cup got hotter than water in a white cup up against the same heat source. I changed the colour of the cup, I kept the same the amount of water in the cups and measured the temperature of the water.


In order to be confident you need to feel comfortable to do what you are doing. Feeling comfortable with the people around you can help with being confident.


The fact that the big ears of the fennec fox dissipate excess heat at first I found that quite amazing. When I found out that a fox could survive in the desert I couldn’t believe it. I thought that only cats and dogs used urine as a deterrent for other animals but I found out many animals do that.


Fennec Foxes are a lot like other animals with their adaptations and behavioural decisions. Fennec foxes are hard to distinguish from other similar mammals.


I wonder if Fennec foxes adapted to another environment if they would survive better or worse or if they would have equal chances.


I learnt mostly about how to describe an animal and its environment to show information that someone else who doesn’t know could find out. I thought something I could improve on in the team work aspect was balancing the presentation roles and speaking.

Scale Model of the solar system

This video was about the models of the solar system on the internet, how they’re wrong and also about how it would look it there was a scale model of the solar system. Humans interpretations of the solar system can sometimes be wrong because of many different reasons. On the internet models of the solar system are just plain wrong. 2 people wanted to make a scale model of the solar system. In order to make it they need around 5 km of space. They showed how the planets would look if they were drawn on paper and that apparently they would be microscopic. The earth was a marble (around 1cm) and the sun was 1.5 meters in diameter. Why would models of the solar system have the planets wrong sizes, have the planets wrongly spaced apart and have the planets the wrong colour? Also why would they make these wrong models because to kids who are looking for a model of the solar system their idea of it would be misconstrued and they would end up with wrong knowledge. An understanding I have know is that models of the solar system on the internet are mostly incorrect and that this video is a perfect example of how models should be.




Space BTN Reflection|Humans in Space

This BTN video was about how humans have gone into space. The year 1961 was a year that changed life for humans forever because the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin successfully made it into space. The amount of money gone into space missions is huge because of the cost of the rocket, fuel, food and water. Another huge achievement for humans is the moon landing in 1969 because humans were able to discover another thing in our solar system that meant that we could explore even more because of the knowledge we gained from it. Why would Russia and the USA be the only countries to be really enthusiastic about travelling to space? How did humans discover all the essential things needed to fly into space? Something I understand now is that humans flying into space and onto different planets has changed our lives forever. We are now able to do things that were thought sorcery a few hundred years ago




SpaceX|Plans to colonize on mars|Space Video Reflection

This video was about a company called SpaceX that wants to fly people to mars. Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX and he wants people to colonize on Mars. He says that it will be possible to send people to mars by 2024 which said by many people is a bit ambitious. The whole plan from take-off to landing is set up rocket. Then fly the rocket into space. After that they fly tanks of fuel (3 they said) up into space to refuel the spaceship. Then they start they’re journey from the Earth’s orbit to Mars. Elon Musk believes it will take 80 days to get to Mars which again is a bit unlikely. People at SpaceX say that they will use methane because it can be created with carbon dioxide and other things on Mars so fuel is easy to get. They also say that they will need to take 100 people with them to Mars but reasons are not given why. A question I have is how Elon Musk thinks all these things unlikely to happen are certain to happen? Another question is why do they think that they will be fully ready to launch in 2024? An understanding I have is that by what Elon Musk and SpaceX is saying is that we will be able to go to mars soon in the coming future.




Link to video: SpaceX Video (Youtube)

Space Homework|Food In Space|

This video was about different food items in space. Food in space is kept in many different conditions. Some food is dehydrated and is called dehydrated food this food has had all the water extracted so all you need to do is add water or hot water and you can eat it. Russia sometimes sends up food to the astronauts. Most of the time this food is kept in cans. Some other types of food is thermo stabilized food which is food cooked and pre prepared then put into a air tight bag. The drinks for the astronauts come in plastic sort of bags and have straws on the end so the astronauts just have to suck the straw and they can drink whatever is inside. Something I understand now is that its a lot different in space to eat and drink and basically do what we do because of the conditions such as having no gravity. Why would they need to seal the bags completely? How does gravity affect humans and their organs?




Space Rocks|BTN Reflection|

This BTN report was about three different types of space rocks, comets, asteroids and meteoroids. Comets are chunks of ice and dust and they come from the colder parts of the solar system. Also when comets get close to the sun they melt and give off gas that we see as a trail. Asteroids are made of rock and metal. Lots of them are in the the asteroid belt in between Mars and Jupiter. Meteoroids are smaller chunks of asteroids and loads of them enter the Earth’s atmosphere everyday. When meteoroids enter the earths atmosphere we call them meteors. I understand that lots of meteors have almost hit Earth but most of them burn up but that doesn’t mean that no damage is done a perfect example is the meteor that burned up in Russia. How would scientists create something to stop or move an asteroid comet or meteorite from hitting Earth? What if there is another meteorite just like the one that hit Earth that killed the dinosaurs but just in another galaxy?




BTN-Space Rock

Natural Disaster: Tsunamis|Information Report|

A tsunami is a devastating natural disaster that has put many countries and cities in ruins. A tsunami is a huge wave that is caused by earthquakes or other disturbances. An earthquake is another natural disaster caused by tectonic plates colliding. A natural disaster is an event that is caused by nature and involves a populated area. This information text is about tsunamis and will inform people on a tsunami proof house, predicting a tsunami and preventing a tsunami.

The ‘Tsunami House’ is a waterfront home measuring in at 3140ft2(291.716m2). Is has been nicknamed the ‘Tsunami House’ because it is able to withstand a tsunami and earthquake. This house is on the northern end of Camano Island in Washington. It is not completely tsunami proof but it withstands a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. At the front and back of the house there is glass. If a flood occurs the glass shatters so the water can go straight through. The average magnitude of an earthquake is 5-5.9 so if a tsunami happened to strike the people inside would be mostly safe. This is because of a built in flood room that has certified waterproof things and is completely safe. Although there is no actual list of materials it is made from common materials like wood, concrete and metal. The Cascadia Subduction Zone is roughly 50 miles (80 kilometres) off shore and is a 680 mile (1100 kilometre) stretch of colliding tectonic plates. It is the largest fault line in North America. In 1700 a 9.0 magnitude earthquake happened and caused a 10 metre tsunami to form and travel all the way to Japan.

No. There is no way to prevent a tsunami but thankfully people can prepare for such a devastating natural disaster. Some ways to prepare for a tsunamis are to learn about tsunami chance in an area, plan and practise an evacuation plan, listen to the radio to stay informed and discussing tsunamis within families are all great ways to stay safe in the event of a tsunami. Knowing a communities warning system and disaster plans can possibly safe peoples life and their families’ lives. Tsunami warnings are issued when a tsunami big enough is coming. Warnings help the public prepare for a tsunami. But if a tsunami warning is late it could possibly destroy that country, city or town. Tsunami walls, flood gates and channels are three ways people think of to reduce damage done by tsunamis. In Japan they are not completely safe but they are safer than others because they have built many 14ft (4m) tsunami walls.

Like preventing a tsunami it is impossible to predict one because we cannot predict the earth’s tectonic plates are going to shift and collide any time soon and it is sometimes not certain that after an earthquake there will be a tsunami. Making a warning is only 1 thing preparing is the next. Geoscience Australia is making a warning system to help make tsunami guesses more accurate. With the help of seismometers, seismologists can use mathematics to estimate the height of tsunamis. This method was explained in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. Seismographs, ocean buoys, tide gauges and satellite altimetry are all ways that scientists detect tsunamis. A deep ocean detection buoy is an instrument used by the Bureau of Meteorology. Ocean buoys float on the surface of the ocean. A pressure monitor that goes to the bottom of the ocean and measures difference in deep ocean pressure. Seismographs use signals to find the latitude and longitude of the disturbance. Tide gauges are measuring systems that record how high and how low tides are at specific locations. Satellite altimetry is used for measuring height and in this circumstance wave height.

So in conclusion a tsunami is a huge wave caused by earthquakes or other disturbances. There is a tsunami house that can withstand tsunamis and earthquakes, tsunamis cannot be prevented but people can prepare and they cannot predict a tsunami but they can detect them and make warnings. So in the event of a tsunami by reading this people can be informed and save their lives.


Click on the image^

If it were to change so the tectonic plates do not collide and instead one goes underneath the other one it would cause a volcanic eruption instead of a tsunami. It is similar to the system of an earthquake because an earthquake involves two tectonic plates colliding. The order of this system is important because a tsunami cannot happen without an earthquake.


This diagram is shows how tsunamis start.


my-assessment-matrix – Assessment Matrix

I’m proud of the tier 3 language I used because it really related to my topic. At that point I hadn’t written up my glossary so I didn’t count it but I will put my glossary on soon. I could’ve used more sequence words and cause and effect language.


Information Text: Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters are catastrophic events that are caused by nature or natural processes of the earth. People can’t properly prepare for natural disasters. They are almost unexpected without technology that can predict it.

Earthquakes can really impact people’s lives in a big way. When two plates in the earth collide it can create shaking in the earth. When the shaking gets really fast it can destroy entire buildings.

Tornados are large funnel-like clouds that touch the ground and spin very fast. They can destroy towns they pass through almost in seconds. Tornados are very dangerous things and so as a result people have created alarms that indicate that a tornado is coming.

Tsunami are huge waves that crash into the ground and they destroy everything it comes in contact with it. They can reach over 20m high, which can destroy cities. Alarms have been made to alert people but no one can really prepare.

Hurricanes or cyclones are spinning storms that don’t touch the ground. They are clouds made up of high speed wind and rain. Hurricanes can rip up buildings and destroy whole cities.

Floods are natural disaster that raise water that cut out power and destroys towns and the currant can pull people or even houses.

So in conclusion a natural disaster is a catastrophic event that is caused by nature or natural processes of the earth. People can’t prepare properly but people make alarms to inform them.

Science: Chemistry Term 2 Reflection

Science Term 2 Reflection

My goals for the term were to identify solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways. My second was to with guidance, pose questions to clarify practical problems or inform a scientific investigation and predict what the findings of an investigation might be. My third goal was to compare data with predictions and use as evidence in developing explanations. My fourth goal was to use strategies to help me and understand scientific texts that use tier 3 scientific language. We learnt all about the 3 states of matter and chemical and physical changes, we also touched on the 4th and 5th states of matter in our prepared speeches. I achieved all my goals throughout the term so I think I really tried hard and I’m very proud of myself. I achieved my goals through my prepared speech and my own research at home. I could improve on anything that I have not learned yet in chemistry and like the 3 states of matter I could find something else like the ways the states of matter change. The way we do science is using the PROE system, Predict, Reason, Observe, and Explain. The way I work has changed a little bit but not too much I want to try and find new ways like the PROE system to set out my work but still keep the GANAG system.

. Rules for science apply no matter what. The rules for science are to:

  • Never eat or drink in the lab.
  • Follow all oral and written instructions from my teacher. This includes not touching materials until I have read and/or listened to the instructions.
  • Do not use any lab equipment unless told to by me teacher.
  • Only carry one piece of glassware at a time.
  • Never run, play, or yell in the science lab.
  • Always wear protective tools (goggles, aprons, gloves, etc.) to protect my eyes, face, hands and clothes.
  • When it is time to clean up, leave my lab station cleaner than when I arrived in class.
  • Notify my teacher immediately if there is an emergency.

This term was my favourite term because we did science. Science is my favourite subject and I learnt a lot during this term and I’m look forward to next term.



Science Prepared Speech: Why water expands when it freezes

Hello 5/6C and welcome to my speech about why water expands when it freezes.

The normal thing for liquids to do when they freeze is shrink. If you heat something up it vibrates more so it expands. But water is a bit different because of the way the atoms are arranged. If you look at water molecules it looks like the head of Mickey Mouse because of the two hydrogen atoms being his ears and the oxygen atom being his face. The oxygen atom is slightly negative and the hydrogen atoms are slightly positively charged, so water molecules tend to stick together forming what are called hydrogen bonds. Here is my diagram showing exactly what the molecules of water are.

Because of the shape of the molecule, the way water molecules tend to link together is actually a very open structure with big holes. That means, there’s quite a lot of extra empty space. When water freezes it releases energy because lots of extra strong bonds can be made. But it does take up more space. And that’s why water expands when it freezes. Thank you for listening to my speech and I hope you learnt something new.


During my preparation of my speech I faced some challenges, they were finding facts and researching, creating a good, well though out structure and creating small que cards.

Some strong points about my speech were that I had interesting facts, a clear, big prop and a loud fluent voice.

Some work habits I could have used were to practice, when you make mistakes keep on going and i could have thought about making my speech overall as good as I can.

Some subjects I could implement my skills of speaking and listening could be science if I’m told to get up and explain something or any other subject.

5 things I saw done really well were that people practiced a lot and memorized most of their speech. I saw that people researched a lot and put it all into a 2 minute, well spoken speech. Also I saw that people had clear props that they used really well in explaining whats happening in their speech.

3 things that should try to be avoided are messing up your que cards, not practicing enough and not being fluent and clear.

3 things I could try next time are to practice a lot more, research more and add more in so it will be long enough.