Never Again

WARNING: This piece consists of serious topics that may be sensitive to some people, read at your own risk.

This is a piece of writing from an assessment the topic was: Never Again written on a hand. This post will slowly be updated because I will continue to write more but right now this is all there is.

Jess woke up on the couch in the living room, head throbbing. She stumbled out of bed trying to stand up. Beer bottles were scattered across the room. Her roommate josh was already up but unlike Jess he was sober.

“You really need to get some help, I’m worried sick.” Josh said worryingly.

“I know, you’ve told me that ever since we moved in. I just don’t know where to start.” Jess replied back.

“Rehab! Your dads been through it, I thought you would’ve started when you got addicted!” Josh shouted. He made his coffee and went back to his room slamming his door on the way in.

“Josh! Wait!” Jess called after him with no luck.

Later that day Jess started up her computer. She opened up Google and searched for Rehabilitation centers in Brooklyn. She found one that was 4 miles away. The number was on the website so she called immediately. Josh had his ear up to the wall to hear if she was actually listening to him. 5 minutes of talking and Jess had an appointment today for 5:30 in the afternoon.

“I guess you did listen to me” Josh said with a smirk heading over to her with the intention of a hug. Jess hugged him back.

“I can finally get some help” Jess teared up with the realization that she can turn her life around.

It was coming close to her appointment and Jess was ready to head off. She managed to get there a few minutes early which was surprising for someone like her. Jess’s counsellor suggested that any friends would always be with her to watch what she was doing and also suggested that Jess made minimal social contact with friends other than Josh.

It was the next day and Jess was ready to get herself straight. Josh kept quite a close eye on Jess. She thought about how Josh and she met and how he had treated her when he found out about her addiction. She thought it would be the best time to go. As Jess was leaving the apartment Josh went up to her and gave her the only hug she’s ever had. They both started to tear up hiding it with the hug.

“Jess, I love you.” Confessed Josh.

“I love you too.” Jess stumbled while breathing as she said those 4 words. Jess barely understood what the words meant but she knew it was the right thing to say. Josh sat at home clenching the only picture he had of both of them, his tears falling slowly onto it clouding up the image. Jess finding it hard to drive while she was still hungover and crying.


Poem For Barbara Springfield

Barbara Springfield

Keep one’s eyes peeled

You’re never afraid

Because you’re always brave

Always optimistic

Never pessimistic

You’re a great principal

With fundamental principles

You’re sophisticated

And educated

Happy Principals Day!

From Abraham